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DARKMATTER is a collective of various interdisciplinary artists for whom “dark matter” refers to the way we see ourselves, our work and our community of practice. We are products of complex processes of creolization and globalisation that have formed the uneven world we live in today as well as our mongrel identities within it - i.e., conquest, slavery, indentureship, colonialism and neo-colonialism, dispossession, resettlement, interculturality, economic deregulation, structural inequality and precarious citizenship -.and that have, by the same token, rendered our lives and experiences invisible and incomprehensible other than by means of radical self-expression.

DARKMATTER is a home for strange, new, hybrid happenings, visions and manifestations. As  artists, we see, experience, describe, theorise and critique the world using a highly eclectic intelligence that comes from our experiences as citizens, non-citizens, netizens, émigrés, children of diasporas, and members of diverse subcultures. We believe that personal and cultural autonomy should coexist with an openness to new possibilities for communal life, aesthetic creation and technological innovation provided by the presence and participation of Others. For this reason, we are advocates for every kind of social, economic and environmental justice. 

DARKMATTER is an outlet for individual and collaborative art-making, radical experimentation, research and education, curation, theoretical writing, cultural criticism, storytelling, design-thinking, event-staging and  trans-national talent recruitment.        


It should be assumed that we are explicitly and militantly feminist, anti-racist, anti-colourist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-ableist, anti-ageist, anti-fascist and environmentalist in our thinking and practice.

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